Tastes do change.

I get some people asking me if I miss sugar and sweet stuff, or they ask for advice on how to eat without giving up that stuff.

Here’s the thing – your tastes will change. Seriously. I remember when I was reading the book “The Sugar Addict’s Recovery Program”, and just the thought of giving up the sugar in my coffee, or my sweet cereals made me want to cry. I couldn’t see how I would enjoy eating without those foods.
Well – the author said that was precisely why you don’t just cut sugar out cold turkey, because of these feelings. They really are true addictions. It’s not because you are weak or have no will power. So you make changes gradually.

As I started replacing white products, refined products and sugary stuff with whole grain products, I began to lose the sweet tooth. I began to notice how much sweeter fruit was, and even how sweet milk is on its own. I did not go with artificial sweeteners during this process. If you use artificial sweeteners, you don’t notice the gentle sweetness of natural foods, because you are still eating something super sweet to your brain, even though your body doesn’t recognize it.

The cravings diminished and disappeared for the most part. Now I drink unsweetened coffee and tea. I don’t mind plain yogurt. I make my blueberry sauce without added sweetener. And I love it! I don’t care for overly sweetened, processed foods. I never thought that I wouldn’t want to eat a sweetened cream cheese, or wouldn’t want some Nutter Butters. It was inconceivable to me in the past. Now, if I want something sweet, I have something home made, and make it worthwhile. I don’t eat a muffin or cookie out of addiction any more, but as a treat – the way it should be.

I have found a willingness to try different vegetables now that my taste buds are used to whole foods. I still have texture issues (onions slimy, beans grainy), but I can get around those. Veggies taste different to me. I can taste subtle stuff now that my old sugar-numbed tongue couldn’t.

You can change what you eat without feeling deprived. You really and truly can. Give yourself the time and the chance to let your true taste buds come to life.

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7 thoughts on “Tastes do change.

  1. MizFit

    you are an inspiration.

    takes do change…for me it has been less so (I STILL ADORE THE SUGAR but eat less) but I find I relish the plain.

    adore the tastes which are NOT smothered and masked by sauces etc.

  2. Sabs

    I think most foods we buy tend to have so much of sugar/sweetener in that the real taste of the food cannot be tasted.

  3. debbyweighsin

    Lori, this is excellent, and so helpful to people just starting, but also to me. Man, could I relate to almost crying over living without sweets. I didn’t buy in to the sugar being addictive when I started. And it has been a very slow realization for me. But I’m getting there!

  4. Jen

    I agree – taste’s change! I never ever DREAMED in a million years that I would crave banana’s or other fruit. And the other day, I was cutting up an onion and i had a flashback to when I was 14 and I swore on my life that day that I would NEVER eat onions when I grew up.

    Great post!

    Jen, a priorfatgirl

  5. SuperDave

    It’s weird because this time last year, I started craving sweet stuff after I began running. I never was a sweetaholic until now.
    I find myself having to have a sweet almost everyday.
    I have done good though, no sweets for 2 days. It’s a start..

  6. Anonymous

    That is so true! I don’t have a sweet tooth but I used to eat bags of potato chips every other day (whenever i watch garbage on tv) and think i can’t live without them. That’s addiction. Not addicted to the taste, but just the crisp and crunch.

    Then i cut it out once and for all.

    Honestly, it’s the mindset and the willpower.

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