Back to plan

I keep looking over my pictures from the trip. Especially since it was -12 degrees when I got up this morning!! No outside jogging, that’s for sure!

As much as I enjoyed all that food, it is comforting to get back to my normal foods. Also need to shed some water and pounds LOL! No regrets at all on what I ate. That’s part of living life, and being able to get right back on track is what is going to allow me to keep this weight off for the rest of my life. I’m a little surprised at how easily I get back on track when I indulge. Maybe I shouldn’t be, I don’t know…

Down to business, I am looking at triathlon training programs. Depending on when I sign up for one, there will be 3 months of training. I’m getting pretty excited about that.

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7 thoughts on “Back to plan

  1. MizFit

    sometimes (for me almost all the time) it is nice to get back to routine stuff after being away and out of whack.

    and for me when Im eating outta whack its usually PROCESSED and Im bloated like nobody’s bidness as well.



  2. Ron

    New Orleans food is awesome, Glad I only go there once every year or two. Always good to get back on your normal routine when it comes to eating!

  3. LTer4ever

    That’s awesome you can get back on track so easily. Embrace it! Go for it on the triathlon! I have dreams to become a triathlete one day. Soon…

  4. Casbah Kitten

    That IS great that you can just get right back on track. I’m not making much progress but at least I’ve started exercising every day religiously and I’ve at least cut way back on the “no-no” foods.

  5. Mrs. Matt

    whew..a triathlon. Good Luck, that’s awesome!

    I took soda, meat, and junk out of my diet and any time I slip on processed foods…my body is NOT happy. So it’s always nice to get back on track…to feel ”healthy” again.

  6. SeaShore

    I would say “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” about getting back on track easily, but that doesn’t seem quite right. You worked hard to get to the point where you can get back on track easily. Yea!

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