I seem to have a problem with rice.

I don’t eat a lot of rice, and when I do cook it, I use brown rice. That doesn’t seem to bother me.
Today we went out to lunch at 99 Restaurant. I was looking for the healthiest thing I could get (remember I am not fond of fish), so I chose the grilled sirloin tips. The sides were rice pilaf and squash. I only ate about 1/2 cup of the rice, but it was white rice.
Well darn if I don’t have the fiercest of cravings from this afternoon on. It’s terrible! And it’s not just sweet cravings, but fat cravings as well. Yargh.

So, needless to say I have munched my way over calories for the day. At least I got in some exercise this morning.

Now I have to really think hard before having white rice again. Funny how something seemingly innocent can trigger horrible cravings. Worse than sugar does to me.

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7 thoughts on “I seem to have a problem with rice.

  1. Anonymous

    Hey thanks for writing this, just found your blog recently and I forget how exactly now:)

    At any rate do you know why that is? I’m just realizing that not only does eating whole foods keep me full but that’s a huge reason why I don’t have certain cravings.

    I’d decided to not be everything in moderation girl anymore (what I would tell everyone concerning weight loss:)) and wait until I get at least 50 pounds off before indulging and this is a safe time with holidays out of the way and summer not being here yet.

    So just wondering what is it with certain foods that brings on the desire to eat more. All this time I’d diagnosed myself as an emotional eater to find out if I’m not hungry I’m not seeking after food.

  2. Lori

    It’s the fast digesting carbs in refined foods like rice, white pasta, white breads, processed snacks. It causes an insulin spike and crash, which leads to cravings.

  3. LTer4ever

    I have the same issue with white rice. Lately, I’ve tried to eat brown rice first and then if I still must have white rice, I’ll have only 1/2 cup or less. I never connected it to cravings, and haven’t had a problem, or at least one that I perceived. For me, I prefer the taste over brown. Plus, it’s a staple in Asian cooking and I love me some Asian.

  4. Ron

    LOL, well that wasn’t what I thought you was going to say when I read the title of your blog.
    As you said.. you got some exercise in that will help counter the extra calories you took in!

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