Product resizing

Clever food companies to keep the same cans, but either add more water or just put less in them.

My tuna, for instance. The BumbleeBee chunk white tuna in individual cans used to have 21 grams of protein in them. Today I went to pick some up at the store, and checked the label. Now they contain 18 grams of protein, but still the same price. That’s Mareting101 for you, keep price and packaging the same, reduce the amount in them to fool the customer. Oh well. Now I have to submit changes to Daily Plate on this stuff because it messes with my calorie counts.

Or maybe…. maybe this is a food conglomerate way to put us all on diets! Reduce our calories without us noticing. Do you think the food companies are concerned about our health?

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6 thoughts on “Product resizing

  1. Ron

    Yea, they are very concerned…. but not about our health, they are concerned about getting more out of our pockets and giving us less!

  2. Mrs. Matt

    I was just talking to my husband about this. Quality (in this case also quantity) is going down, yet prices are staying the same or in a lot of cases rising. It’s not helping consumers in the least bit, but I suppose if corporate America was concerned about the well being of its consumers we might not be in this situation, huh? Thanks for the post!

  3. LTer4ever

    I’m glad you pointed this out. I hadn’t noticed, but then again, I only read labels to get points info. I’m sure it’s money in their pockets though!

  4. MizFit

    Im the cynic as well who thinks they care not about our waists and all about their pockets being plumped by our cash.

  5. Casbah Kitten

    I SERIOUSLY doubt that the large companies are concerned about anyones health. I think all they care about is selling you less product for the same amount of money!

  6. SeaShore

    I noticed this last year with the yogurt I used to eat (Silhouette in the single serving tubs). By fluke I noticed that the label no longer matched the info I had put into fitday months previous. I don’t know why I never thought to monitor other foods, like tuna! Thanks for bringing it up.

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