Weigh in day!

Well, I got rid of a *lot* of my vacation water weight. I don’t know if I posted it last week, in my rush to get up my New Orleans photos I think I forgot to put in my weight. So to recap:

Last Wed, I weighed myself ( which was the morning after I got back from my trip – maybe not a great idea), and my weight was 147.4. Pre-vacation weight was 138.6. So 4 days in N’awlins showed an uptick (upleap!) of 8.8 pounds! I didn’t really freak out, because I knew that most of that was water weight.

Today I weighed in at 140.0 – so 7.4 pounds of that gain left in 1 week. Wouldn’t it be great to lose that fast all the time! I’m actually pretty shocked at how fast it dropped, as that is not like my usual turtle self, but I am in no way complaining!

So, next week I should be back in the 130s (whew) and progressing to goal. My little 5 pound snail keeps going back and forth LOL!

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4 thoughts on “Weigh in day!

  1. Ron

    It’s not like you go to N’awlins every month!!!! Glad you enjoyed the trip and like you said.. next week you will be back where you were or even better!

  2. Cascia

    Good for you! Keep it up! I just found your blog and love it. I’m looking forward to reading more.

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