So very tempted….

Today is a brand new day and whatever blahs I had yesterday are gone and I’m back to my usual radiant self 🙂

I was offered a new job this week, which I am pretty excited about (still working from home – yay!!), and looks like I have new tenants for my rental house! 2 of my goals accomplished for the year already and it isn’t even Feb!

So, thinking I might treat myself, I am looking really hard at a GoWear fit.
It’s like a bodybugg, only cheaper per month. Plus they are having a free shipping promotion through January and a discount on purchasing a block of the website access. So this is really tempting! I really just want to make sure I am eating enough food, or maybe I’m eating too much. Without a real metabolism test, I don’t know for sure, and this device will really tell me a lot. Plus I love techie stuff like this 😀

Need to think a bit more, and get the lease and deposit from the tenants next week. Then it will be a ‘go’.

Anyone have one?

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10 thoughts on “So very tempted….

  1. Ron

    I don’t have one, but hope someone will reply for you that has one. I would like to know how well they work!

  2. tryingforatri

    Yay! Congratulations one the new job!!I’ve always been curious about bodybugg, GoWear looks a little easier…

  3. Elizabeth (thelongweigh)

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are so inspirational! Congratulations on your weight loss and accomplishments!

  4. MizFit

    congrats on the new job!!
    (no idea on the gowear fit. Ive heard great things about it but never seen in person…nor have I seen the bodybugg in person)


  5. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    Go, Lori! Congrats on the job and the renter AND for getting out of the blahs. I hate when the blahs happen. I’ll be anxious to hear your review on the GoWear thing. I’ll let you be my guinea pig 🙂

  6. Casbah Kitten

    Congrads on your accomplishments! I’ve never heard of a GoWear fit but I’ll have to check it out!

  7. debby

    Hi Lori, sounds like we are all waiting for youe review! How does that thing measure how many calories you are burning?

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