Decaffeinating tea yourself.

We went out today and stopped at Sensibiliteas tea shop, where I learned that you can decaffeinate your own tea! In the winter, I drink about 3 cups a day, and not all of it green (plus I drink several cups of coffee as well!). This place also has a wonderful selection of tea, and it’s very reasonably priced – so check them out!

What you do is pour hot water on your tea and let it steep for 30-45 seconds, then pour off the water and steep as you would normally. This removes about 80% of the caffeine from the tea without affecting the taste. Pretty cool, huh?

I am on the hunt for wheatberries to try in my oatmeal this week. Tomorrow we are going a little ways away to find a green grocer that carries bulk herbs, seeds, and grains. Wonder what other goodies I will find? I can’t believe I am excited about grocery shopping! I need to get out more…..

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5 thoughts on “Decaffeinating tea yourself.

  1. LTer4ever

    This is good to know! I was just thinking earlier today that I need to drink less coffee because I’m having trouble sleeping.

  2. ChristinaJane

    Where did you find a green grocer around here? I’m willing to make a trek for great finds like these!

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