The Great Vegetable Experiment: Lentils

Are lentils vegetables? Not really sure, but close enough for me!

I was going to make a dahl, but decided instead to have lentils with rice for a complete protein meal.
I heated 2 tsp of coconut oil in the pressure cooker, then sauteed some cumin and black mustard seeds. If you have never fried your spices, you should try it, they are delicious! Then I added some pureed frozen onions and cooked for a few minutes. I added 1/2 cup green lentils and water, then pressure cooked for 6 minutes. Most of the liquid had dried up inside, so maybe next time I would do a bit more.
Then tossed on top of 1 serving of brown rice. This lentil recipe made 2 servings.
On the side is roasted winter mix with curry seasoning.
This was quite a tasty dish.

The wheat berry trek was successful this morning! Not only did I find wheat berries, but spelt berries, too! I cooked some up to add to oatmeal tomorrow.
And the store had some packets of brown rice protein powder. I don’t like how the whey protein is working out in some of my recipes (oatmeal is the biggie), and I don’t want to go back to soy. Rice protein has more protein than whey per serving, but I have seen mixed reviews on the taste. This store had individual packets of brown rice protein powder, so I can give it a try without having to purchase a big can. Another review will be coming up this week!

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5 thoughts on “The Great Vegetable Experiment: Lentils

  1. LTer4ever

    This looks delicious!!!! I have always wanted to try lentils. I believe I used it once in a brownie recipe, which did NOT turn out so well.

    Regarding your Q whether lentils are vegetables, they are listed under Beans and Legumes under the Filling Foods part of the eTools tracker. I also found an article about it on WW website and this is what it states:

    “Lentils are small, lens-shaped, red or green legumes that work well in either soups or casseroles.”

  2. tryingforatri

    Oooh, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the new protein powder, and the wheat berries! 🙂

  3. Casbah Kitten

    Looks yummy! I love lentils and lentil burgers. I’m curious about your berries though…hope you post some pictures!

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