Wheat berries

Here is a photo of the raw wheat berries. The ones on the right are the wheat berries, the ones on the left are the spelt berries.

I cooked them like you would brown rice, and have some stored in the fridge. I topped my oatmeal with them this morning:

They are chewy with a nice texture. Kind of like steel cut oats, but with a bit more, not crunch, really – but something. I do like them! 2 tablespoons sprinkled on added about 20 calories.

I also used the brown rice protein in this bowl. See how nice and creamy the oats are? This is the texture I liked from soy protein, but could not get from whey protein. They whey kind of curdled when I cooked it. The rice protein just cooked right in. I couldn’t really detect anything taste wise, but I could sense some texture difference from the rice protein. Maybe a bit grainy? I am going to try it in my protein pancakes tomorrow, and if it works – I will order some more. It has more protein in a serving than the whey – 1/2 scoop (15 grams) of RP has 12 grams of protein vs 9 in whey, and only 55 cal. More bang for the buck.

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5 thoughts on “Wheat berries

  1. Ron

    That looks good! I have some Wheat berries in the cabinet… I must have saw a recipie that called for them… I need to find it and try them.

  2. Casbah Kitten

    Hmmm, that does look good! I’ll have to go on an outing to the natural foods store soon and look for them….

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