Weigh in day!

I lost again this week! I was a bit surprised since I lost a whole bunch of water weight last week after my trip. Usually I stall after a big loss.

I lost 1.0 pounds, and I’m back in the 130s (cheer, cheer!!). Wonder if my little snail is getting dizzy going back and forth?

Sitting here looking out the window at all the snow piling up, 8-16 inches forecast, and we have at least 6 right now. So, we all know what cardio I will be doing!

I’ve decided to go ahead and order the Go Wear fit. I’ll let you all know what happens!

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7 thoughts on “Weigh in day!

  1. SuperDave

    Your snail like 130 better. haha
    6 inches already! whoa..
    I looked up your “Go Wear Fit” the other day. Looks cool- curious to see how it works.

  2. Mae Flowers

    As always, you have such a great attitude towards this weight loss journey! Great job on your loss!

  3. Leigh

    Hey Lori! Thanks for the comment and I have been stuck for about a week or so and its driving me INSANE! your site really motivates me though and thanks again for the comment.

  4. Ron

    Congrats on your loss, another blogger is trying reviewing the sensewear armband, similar I would assume to the “go wear fit” and the body bug, I am looking forward to her review and will be looking to hear how you like the ‘go wear fit”

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