Superbowl and a 'normal' moment.

It’s superbowl day, the day in which more potato chips and beer are consumed than any other day of the year! Too bad the Broncos aren’t playing. Oh well, I will support the Cards today, for the newbies! In honor of the festivities, I went out for a 35 minute run today. The temps are a bit above freezing, so you have to take what you can get, right? It was actually a really nice run, because I wasn’t dripping sweat LOL! My feet were really hot, though. I have mesh in my shoes, but I swear my feet were almost sizzling through the snow pack as I ran!

I had a very strange moment yesterday. We were out at a craft show milling around, and I had taken off my coat. This show was in some sort of ballroom or reception room, and there were mirrors on one of the walls. I glanced at myself and noticed that I was at the very least the same size or smaller than the majority of the people there. I was normal. Normal looking. I don’t know if someone who has not been significantly overweight can really understand where I’m coming from. It was one of those “Is that really me??” moments.

I mentioned it to my husband last night, and his response was “You are normal, actually smaller than the average size woman.” (Can you believe he knows this fact? – guess he does listen to me after all!)
And he’s right. The average woman is 12-14, and I wear an 8. Which, ironically, is the same size as Jessica Simpson, who is getting crucified in the media for gaining weight!

I really wonder how long it will take to get used to be normal? When normal will *feel* normal….

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11 thoughts on “Superbowl and a 'normal' moment.

  1. Swansong

    I don’t know about that one. I know I had a point when i was younger that I dropped a lot of weight and I still though I wasn’t normal. Seeing pictures now I was LOL

    You will like your GoWear fit! I am on my second one (first one had battery issues)

  2. SeaShore

    When you realised that you look ‘normal’, did you feel like you were in disguise? Sort of masquerading as ‘normal’? That’s how I felt the last time I was average-sized. I’m hoping this time that I will maintain my loss long enough so that I don’t feel that way anymore.

  3. Ron

    It got up to 44 here today, and I didnt even get out for a nice walk. I was too busy eating more of my Grandson’s birthday cake, glad he only has one birthday a year!!!

  4. tryingforatri

    I’ve been wondering that myself too lately. My weight loss wasn’t as significant, but I’m always having moments where I’m surprised to be on the “small” side of things. I’ve always been on the “bigger” side.

    Great job on getting out for a run in the cold 🙂

  5. Cynthia

    I know exactly what you mean but from the opposite angle. I’m still in the phase where I look around and I’m often the biggest woman in the room. Never has someone so big tried to be so small and invisible as I do in those moments when I notice.

    I am down 20 lbs. but have a long way still to go. Still, I am excited for you to have had that positive moment and I hope to have the same experience next year!

  6. MizFit


    that whole thing makes me so mad.


    here’s to normalcy.

    to you.

    to your sweet husband.

    have a great week.

  7. Jen, a priorfatgirl

    First off, congratulations again on being “normal” and “average.” I hope you find humor in the fact that I’m still jumping up and down for your new size 8 pants!

    Anyways, it does take a long long time for your mind to catch up with your body, a lot longer then expected. I still don’t see my weight loss…and have been at a size 6 for 5 months now. Just be easy on yourself and continue to thank your husband for being the emotional support you need now and forever 🙂

    **wahoo size 8!!!!!!!!!

  8. Vee

    I haven’t looked “normal” in so long, I’m not sure I’d recognize myself. My husband loves me for who I am, but I don’t. I’d love to shop in the women’s section, not the plus-size. Kudos to you.

    If you’d like to check out my blog, I’d love your support. This is week 2 of my diet/getting healthy plan. Vee

  9. SuperDave

    It sounds like you have arrived – at least in your own mind. If you are a size 8, then you are tiny. Yes, TINY!!
    Cmon Lori! You may be average, but are you really normal? hehe

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