GoWear fit

I’ve been wearing the GoWear fit since Monday afternoon. I slept with it on as well. You just can’t wear it in the shower. So, I have had a continuous monitoring of my activities.
Here is Tuesday’s calorie burn:

You can see where I get up and do exercise first thing in the morning. Breakfast making also involves movement around with a lot of reaching. Interesting. Then there was work time at the computer, where I kind of hop up and down out of the chair periodically. The afternoon was much less active, although a blip around 1 pm or so when I went upstairs to do some strength training. You can also see a rise before I went to bed when I did 30 minutes of yoga.

What I do see is that I need to move more. A lot more. My hour of exercise a day just isn’t cutting it. I’m burning calories – but the winter time really does make me move a lot less. In the warm weather I am out jogging and biking and walking. Guess I will be joining the Y!! LOL.

And just for the cuteness factor, this is one of my precious kitties. This is the old lady of 18, she found a sunspot this morning to sleep in.

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