Monday, Monday

Oh wait – it’s Tuesday!! I totally forgot when I entered that post title!
My new job training is keeping me hopping. There are some software glitches that we had to get taken care of. This company is really quite efficient and on top of things, I have to say. No waiting around for tech support, you just IM them and they are right there ready to help.

I will be on a bit of a different schedule for the next 2 weeks until my training period is over, then onto my normal schedule. I have been trying to get my workouts in. I was up really early this morning, since I was afraid I was going to oversleep – therefore I *couldn’t* sleep. So, I got up and exercised.

Eating too much, though. Too many nibbles as I get breaks, and I need to knock that off. It’s going to show on the scale tomorrow, so I’ll have to suck that up big time. Need to get a grip.

I tweaked my ankle the other day running, and finally today it is just about normal. So I can do harder workouts again.

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