Sad macintosh

I am a Mac girl. I have always been, but have been forced to work on a PC. I love my Mac and no Mac user ever wants to see a screen look like this:

It’s the dreaded Darwin mode, and I can’t seem to get out of it. fsck-fy doesn’t work. Something is corrupt and I am a bit skeered to mess the code up too much inside. So, I sit here on the PC and look longingly over at my Mac. Guess John and I have a project to do this weekend to get it working again.

And you know what is totally ironic? Today’s is Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, and I get my Mac busted on the Darwin command today.

On a good note, I have eaten really well the last couple days. The new job helps. Even though I still work at home, it keeps me almost too busy to remember to get up and snack! Guess that’s a good thing.

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4 thoughts on “Sad macintosh

  1. Shelley

    I don’t own a Mac but just by looking at that screen even I know it’s bad. Good luck reviving your bad boy!

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