Differing views of the top and bottom.

Had a wonderful day today. John, not so lucky since he got stuck with me trying on clothes LOL!

I saw this blazer jacket that was leather and only $22 (consignment shop). Pulled it off the rack and saw it was a size small. I said there was no way it would fit, but John said – “I know that will fit you”. And he was right! That made me feel really good (not him being right, but it fitting me). I really need to work on the reality of what is me now. It was too long for me, though, and would have needed tailoring.

Then John pulled another jacket that he wanted to see me try on, and it also was a size small. I couldn’t get that one on without hulking out of it, and I laughed about it.
That made me realize how differently I view different parts of my body. I know that on top, there isn’t really much left to lose. And, I have some really good muscle definition, so not fitting into a small is almost a badge of feminine muscle honor in my mind.

Now if I try on pants and they are too small, that’s another story. That just makes me think about making my bottom smaller!

And it is all part of the same package.

Now, I will go on to say that I tried on a bunch of size 8s, and they all fit – every single pair! Didn’t like how they all looked, but I ended up getting 2 pairs.
Yes, I know I can still lose more weight, but darn it – single digit sizes make me so happy and content, especially knowing it wasn’t one fluke pair!

Yes, it is a good day.

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9 thoughts on “Differing views of the top and bottom.

  1. Shelley

    That is so cool that you are consistently a size 8 – you have worked hard to get there! Yay for new clothes!

  2. tryingforatri

    That is amazing Lori, you must be *so* proud of yourself!! And your husband is sweet for taking you shopping on Valentine’s 🙂

  3. debbyweighsin

    Good morning, Lori!

    This is so good to read. All your hard work is paying off in some really fun rewards. To me it is encouraging that you share that you need to work on your self image. Even though you have gone slow and steady, there is still some mind work to be done. Thanks for sharing, Lori, and congratulations on having such a fun day. What a great antidote to gorging on Valentine’s Day!

  4. SuperDave

    Poor John!
    I hate waiting on my wife to try on clothes.
    it is good when things are fitting, but scary when they are not.

  5. ChristinaJane

    size 8 is amazing. what consignment store did you go to? i’m leaning that way to avoid a lot of “transitional size” spending.

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