Progress pics

Just a couple progress pics. Since I talk about my size 8s, here is one. Ignore the goofy smile. I actually took these of myself, after finally figuring out how to do the auto picture taker on my camera (2 years later).

We all know how much I love this photo:

From the other day. I have to say that I still don’t see it completely. I know that I am a lot thinner. 110 pounds thinner.

I really don’t know how to make my mind’s eye change. Does anyone have any suggestions on how you did it? And also note, to anyone who is afraid of strength training – I love to lift, but I don’t look hulky, and I am totally in love with my biceps! LOL! In fact, I know that strength training is what got me to size 8, even though I am still 5 pounds above goal, and according to BMI – I am overweight. Gotta love BMI.

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19 thoughts on “Progress pics

  1. CJ

    You look amazing. The BMI figures are so messed up if you ask me. There is nothing “overweight” about you!

    As for you mind’s eye? I can’t help you there. I have dropped two sizes and I don’t see any difference. Other people tell me there is a difference, but I can’t see it!

  2. Shelley

    Damn, woman…you look fantastic!!! I aspire to have your body! And your healthy workout and eating routines. I am so impressed with your before and after!

    P.S. BMI sucks – I will still be overweight if I ever get to 135 pounds…I like to think of it as just one of many guidelines.

  3. Casbah Kitten

    BMI is totally screwed up because it measures weight, not fat. The only way to be NOT overweight according to those standards is to coop yourself up like a veal calf and starve.
    You look GREAT! Don’t let anyone (including yourself) tell you otherwise.

  4. Jen, a priorfatgirl

    I’m so there with you!!! Is it not the weirdest thing, the fat that our eyes ar not seeing what everyone else does? My hands can feel a smaller waste, I can see the #’s on the labels are smaller, but nothing when I look in the mirror. I think I need a psychologist or something.

  5. Beanie

    I hate BMI…You look fantastic I might add. I know so well what you mean about your “minds eye”. I didn’t get it. After loosing the weight initially I still was afraid in restaraunts that I wouldn’t fit in booths, scoped out rooms to see what the “path of least resistance” would be…all that stuff we do being overweight. I now look at photo’s of myself at my lowest weight and I know that my minds eye at the time was telling me I was still fat, still too big…now I’m like WHAT??? You so were not. Now long story short I’m working on loosing the 40 lbs I gained over the past 6 months and those other 10 that my BMI says will make me “normal”. So yeah, I so get it!!! And all I can add is honey…don’t pay attention to that dastardly BMI you are awesome!

  6. debbyweighsin

    OH! MY! GOSH! You look beautiful! About seeing it yourself….I wonder, is this the first time you have been thin? Because I lost all that weight in my late 20’s and for a little while at least, I felt very beautiful. And I wonder if that is why I can see it now? I also have a pretty big social support system between church and work telling me I look good.

    The other thing I wonder is how often you get dressed up and look in the mirror.

  7. Ria

    You are stunning – what a transformation you have brought about in your body!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. tryingforatri

    You look fabulous!! How can BMI say you’re overweight?? That’s nuts…

    And I’m with you on the weight lifting thing. Girls don’t get bulky, we get lean and firm šŸ™‚ Congrats on all your success!!

  9. Island Girl

    I’m so glad I found this post! I posted about the “not seeing reality” issue two days ago. You look great and you’ve really helped me out! Thank you so much!!!

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