Joined the Y

I did it! Finally got off my arse and signed up at the YMCA. Good thing, because if I have to hear Leslie Sansone one more time I am going to scream LOL!!!
Got the new schedule for the pool, and I am excited about doing some bricks for tri training.
I have a 16 week triathlon training program to follow, and the sprint tri I want to do is in July, so I have plenty of time to train. This program will actually over train me a bit for a sprint distance, but I am very okay with that. Hopefully joining the Y and the triathlon training will get me past this little hump and down to goal.

Tomorrow morning – my first workout at the Y!!

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4 thoughts on “Joined the Y

  1. Pubsgal

    Cool! I’d love to hear more about your triathlon training; will you be posting these in your “My Workouts” area? For some reason, the idea of doing a sprint tri really appeals to me, but I’m feeling kind of chicken about committing to it as a goal for this year.

  2. Susan

    Oooh, what tri program are you doing? I’d like to start a proper training program after I get back from March Break, I’ve been looking at the ones on

    Have fun at the Y tomorrow!!

  3. debby

    I am excited for you! I’ve been reading Dietgirl, and all the gym talk has me wanting to go.

    Haha at screaming at Lesley–she is in the mail to netflix today for me!

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