A little light reading

Today is my Saturday, and after having an awesome workout at the Y, I stopped at the library. I have this book to read tonight!

I did all 3 things today – swimming, jogging and biking!
I am going to focus less on the scale and more on the training.

I ended up getting out 6 books today. I can’t decide on which one to read first! Does that ever happen to you? I said to John that I wished I had 10 pairs of eyes to read all of them at once. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “A little light reading

  1. debbyweighsin

    Yes! I love books. But I’m not a fast reader, and then I get frustrated that I will never get them all read!

  2. Sabs

    I love books. I tend to real a few at one and if one appeals to me more I would end up finishing it first.

  3. Ron

    “I am going to focus less on the scale and more on the training.”
    Sounds like a plan Lori, you are doing fantastic!

  4. Stephen Vinson

    I love books too. I am dangerous at a bookstore. (A danger to my wallet.) I should go to the library.

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