Feeling good.

Sometimes really being on plan over the weekend can really make a difference in how I feel the week following.

I have had great workouts the last couple days (have some DOMS today), and feel very much in control of food. I’m not even worried about whether the scale will cooperate because I feel like I am the one in control.

I like periods like this!

I never know if it is hormonal or not, it’s kind of hard to figure out.

On a side note, my swimming is getting better. Still pretty pokey, but I can do 300 yards without stopping. Doing a Lori stroke, probably not sanctioned by the Olympics, but it works for me! I am really just learning about how to move in the water and get used to laps. I haven’t done actual laps since high school 20+ years ago (did I really just write 20????).

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4 thoughts on “Feeling good.

  1. Ron

    Dang, if I would have written this post I would have had to say 30+ lol
    Sounds like your doing great with your swimming.

  2. SuperDave

    300 yards without stopping! I tried a couple weeks a go and made it 200 yards. Swimming is so good for the body. No impact either!

  3. MizFit

    oh oh OH. great point. AWESOME FIRST SENTENCE.

    what a compelling argument for NOT slacking on the weekends!!!

  4. Christie O.

    oh boy! i just read at Pubsgal’s that you’re doing a triathlon! Congrats! i am too! i just started training and i had to laugh because i haven’t done laps since high school either! good luck to us!! looks like you’re doing well!

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