My snail

Since someone commented on my snail not moving, I just thought I would talk about him.

I have been vacillating back and forth with the same pound for a while now. I just don’t bother to update that change each week anymore. I have decided that getting him to move is not my top priority right now. Since I joined the Y a couple weeks ago, I am now starting a triathlon training program, which will begin in earnest in April for a July tri. I understand that this will affect the scale, probably not in the way one would like, given the exercise and figuring out a new eating plan – but I understand that I will be both gaining muscle and retaining water.

So, if he starts actually moving more than just a pound, he will get moved, but then again, he is a snail after all!

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6 thoughts on “My snail

  1. Susan

    You’re too good for the scale and the snail anyways!!! ๐Ÿ˜› I find I always lose weight when I shift my focus from weight loss to fitness. It always happens when we stop trying to make it happen ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ron

    I think its awesome that you have started a triathlon training program. Yes, you probably will gain some muscle weight!!!!

  3. SeaShore

    I like that your focus is shifting on to other things, more appropriate things. You truly are making a lifestyle change. You take care of you and the snail will take care of itself. Good luck with your training!

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