New food labeling laws

The new food labeling laws are in effect now. More foods will have the country of origin, including meats. Of course, this really only includes fresh foods, as processed foods are exempt.

So, will this change whether or not you buy a certain piece of meat or fruit? Or will you just purchase what looks good and fresh?

I will probably buy as before, but notice where it comes from.

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7 thoughts on “New food labeling laws

  1. justjuliebean

    I won’t buy beef from Central/South America, nor produce from Chili when it grows right here in CA. I think local makes the most sense, and fortunately due to where I live, it’s usually a good option. Except for bananas, pineapples, mangos. But Mexico isn’t so far.

  2. My 3 Month Challenge

    I think I will buy pretty much the same as before.. EXCEPT with food products from China. There’s been too many ‘incidents’ in the past several years with anything made in China.

  3. MizFit

    I know I will probably buy the same…but NOT My husband.
    he is a label SCRUTINIZER.

    he should probably do all the grocery shopping 🙂

  4. kilax

    It probably won’t affect what I buy too much (we already have such a small selection where we shop), but it will be interesting to see where things come from!

  5. Herbalife Australia

    i don’t think it would effect my buying habbits that much i tend to stick to the same things anyway..

  6. Trish

    I don’t think I will pay any attention. I’m still going to buy what looks good and stick to my normal shopping list.

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