Picture Yourself Thinner Giveaway!

Are you having trouble visualizing what you might look like at goal or at any point in between? Picture Yourself Thinner has graciously offered 5 (that’s right, 5) readers of this blog a free “after” picture. What you do is upload a before picture picture to them, and they alter it for an after photo and send it back to you.

This can be a great motivational tool to help keep you on track.

How to enter:
1. Comment on this post about how you feel an ‘after’ photo would help you on your weight loss journey, and where you would keep it.
2. For an extra entry, post to your own blog or twitter, and then comment again here with the link.

Contest is open to anyone, and I will choose 5 lucky winners by a random number generator. Contest is open through Sunday 3/29!

Commence to commenting!

You can also enter directly on their site each month for a chance to win.

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16 thoughts on “Picture Yourself Thinner Giveaway!

  1. gretchy from 3FC

    Found this through way of the 3FC post. I would LOVE to have a chance at getting a thinner picture of myself. I have never been thin since I hit puberty. I have no idea what I would look like at anything below say, 200 pounds. It would be amazing to be able to look at it and it would be such a great motivation!

  2. Chai Latté

    I tried that site before, it said it was free… but unfortunately, it rejected the only 3 full body pics i have of myself! 🙁 Such a bummer.

    Hope it works well for someone, its such a cool idea!

  3. Frogmorest

    That would be awesome! I have a really hard time imagining myself at goal… REALLY hard time. What a great motivational tool!

  4. skinnyhollie

    Hi, Lori!

    Check out my blog post from yesterday…I have a little something for you.


    Also, I would love a chance at the “after” picture. I, too, have never seen a “thin” version of myself.

  5. Herbalife Las Vegas

    Wow thats a great idea. I will check that link out. I definetely need some motivation right now. I have been struggling with depression and I tend to eat more when I do.

  6. arlene

    What a great tool! I would love to have a picture to help me visualize what can be. I’d put it on the fridge, of course, to motivate me to just walk away! Thanks for offering the draw.
    I have a blog that I’ve recently begun, but I have yet to share it with another soul. Except when I accidentally posted it on my OTHER blog and outed myself. I had a friend comment on the (strange) post before I realized what I had done. Ach! It had to be the one where I posted my weight too! LOL

    Okay. I’ll do it. I love your blog and seeing your amazing results give me hope! mine is

    I have you linked so i can visit you often!

  7. Letters to an Invisible Audience

    Even though I have some beautiful photos that I current use as “after” photos–these pictures were me 6 years ago and I only get angry when I see them. I remember the boy…the boy that I allowed to break my heart. The boy that I used as an excuse to start eating like it was my full-time job. And I especially remember the 2 or so years that I allowed it to affect my life, instead of regaining my power, my focus, my life. When I see these pictures of a beautiful skinny girl–I think of how weak she was in the inside and it is not motivating.

    I think a fresh start–a NEW “after” photo”–of an older, more realistic me would be invaluable. I would put it in the center of my vision board and engrave the image into my mind so that I could refer to it while I work out or when I’m tempted to hit the vending machine at school.

    I would imagine it wearing a wedding dress–the one I picked out from a magazine last summer when the man of my dreams and I decided we wanted to spend our lives together. I can’t marry my love while I still carry the physical baggage of my only other relationship from 6 years ago.

  8. choosinglosing

    I just got word I will be a full time intern in the Key’s in September. That means a whole month in a bathing suit!

    I’d have them “thin” my before picture and I’d stick a copy on my desk at work (where I often mindlessly eat) and one in my wallet to keep me from grabbing my debit card and hitting a drive thru.

  9. superbecca

    I would love to win a motivational picture. Sometimes I get discouraged because I have 100 + pounds to go…but I am keeping myself grounded to the pounds lost category rather than the pounds to go

  10. Shelley

    What a cool idea! I haven’t seen myself at my goal weight in about 20 years, so this would help lessen the shock for when I get there…after all, I’m not in my 20’s anymore and things have, er, shifted.

    I’d put the picture by my computer monitor to remind me to keep plugging along!

  11. Barb

    This is a very cool idea. I’ve lost 100 pounds so far and can’t begin to imagine what I’ll look like when I lose another 70! It would be a huge extra motivator for me!

    My blog is: http://wingnutjourney.blogspot.com/
    It’s more adoption related than weight loss. I haven’t yet figured out how to write about this journey!

    Thanks for putting this out there.
    BarbPA from 3FC 🙂

  12. Shari

    I would love an ‘after’ pic. My ultimate goal is 150 and the last time I was that size, I was around 8 years old. So I have no adult ‘after’ pics for motivation. I would hang one in my kitchen and make a copy to hang by the mirror in my bathroom. 🙂

  13. jen.y.

    what am i awesome idea..i’ve hit such a plateau and i think this would be just the thing to motivate again..

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