Bikes are out!

Mid 60s today, so we got out the bikes, I am so excited!
After biking at the Y, it was so great to actually have the bike moving underneath me!
Happy biker (with helmet hair)

Even more exciting is seeing this when doing yard clean up!

Here is me wearing the size 6 shorts from yesterday – I cut off my head, though! The most important part of me!

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6 thoughts on “Bikes are out!

  1. Ron

    Glad you got your bikes out, and enjoyed the 60 degree weather, it was only 40 here today…. You look amazing in your new shorts! Even without your important head!

  2. Shelley

    Wow, your legs look great – so defined! Those shorts are even loose on you! What a cute outfit – and I see that apparently there comes a time when horizontal stripes ARE flattering…when you’re a tiny size 6!

  3. cutecynicalchubbygirl

    today was the first day I was really able to appreciate the weather, it was wonderful – you look great!

  4. Susan

    Ooh! First day having the bike out is a momentus day indeed! I must be a few weeks behind you in the seasons, I’ve still got a bit to wait before I can take my new beauty out on the road 😛

    LOVE the shorts!!!

  5. LastJourneyDown

    Wow – bike story great, but your bod looks just absolutely awesome!
    Hope you had a super great ride!

  6. bbubblyb

    Way to go on the size 6 shorts. You look wonderful!!! Thanks for dropping by my blog too *smile*.

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