Interim week and planning

No bike ride today. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, and today was dreary and colder. But that’s spring!

This week coming up is my rest week from weight training (to be done approximately every quarter). I find the rest week so beneficial. So, will just be doing cardio.
After that, I start the workouts from New Rules of Lifting for Women. I am going to do a pull up this year!
The first couple of stages of NROL will take me through as the strength training for my triathlon, so I think that will work out well. It changes my normal pattern of doing split workouts (upper body M/TH, lower body T/FR) to 3 total body workouts a week. So, I may sneak in an extra day off a week, if I can šŸ™‚

I have foods planned for the week. I am really trying to tighten things up – I have gotten a bit careless lately with calories, so need to tough love myself a bit. I am also going to try a preworkout/recovery shake on workout days. I am going to have half before I work out, and half right after I am done. Then go home and have breakfast. That way I can take advantage of my muscles being receptive to nutrients right after finishing and not have to wait to get home and fix brekkie! I’ll be interested to see how that affects my progress. It also may help me from wanting to consume everything in sight as soon as I walk in the door! Doing a lot of exercise does not give me license to eat, and I need to remember that.

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4 thoughts on “Interim week and planning

  1. Shelley

    What are you having as your pre/post workout shake? I’m having a hard time eating something (trying for an apple, not always successful) before I workout, and getting some protein in within that 1/2 hour after the workout (sometimes I run errands which delays breakfast).

  2. My 3 Month Challenge

    I am currently on a similar workout where I split my upper/lower body on different days, and I'm considering mixing things up for a change. Since you mentioned the NROL workout, what do those look like?

    And could you elaborate on the rest week that you take every quarter?

    Thanks and sorry for loading you with questions :>

  3. My 3 Month Challenge

    BTW forgot to mention, great pics in your last post!!!! Great new bod and great smile too :> looks like you had a nice weekend out!

  4. MizFit

    good plan with the food. it is hard NOT to think some days “oh I had a long and hard work out—bring on the snackage’

    even healthy snack when eaten in *volume* can derail weight loss goals, huh?

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