The Great Veggie Experiment: White Asparagus!

Today’s experiment was guided by the sales at the grocery store yesterday.  Bundles and bundles of white asparagus.

As per usual when trying something new, I decided to roast them.asparagus

A little S&P and a drizzle of oil.  They had a nice flavor, but I think I might prefer the green better.  Part of it was that I love really thin asparagus spears, and these were much thicker than I have ever eaten.  I might try making a soup or something with the rest of the bunch.  Any ideas anyone?

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6 thoughts on “The Great Veggie Experiment: White Asparagus!

  1. jen

    I have had the white kind a couple of times and I totally prefer the thin green ones!!!

    I totally love asparagus and was sooo excited the first time I saw the white ones. They did not live up to the wonders of their green brothers!!

  2. Ron

    Hmmm never have tried the white asparagus, but after this post and previous comments, I don’t think I will even try it!

  3. Lyn

    I used to take white and green asparagus together and make cream of asparagus soup from them, but using just white might lack flavor.

  4. LoriL

    Other than color, there’s no difference between green and white asparagus — white asparagus is simply green asparagus that hasn’t been allowed to turn green. The way white asparagus is grown is that it’s covered in a thick layer of mulch and dark plastic so that no sunlight reaches the spears. This way the vegetable never gets a chance to turn green because no photosynthesis takes place.

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