Chinese buffet derail

Phew. It’s amazing how 1 meal can really make waste of a couple of good days of eating! We went out to dinner tonight, and ended up going to a Chinese buffet, after our first choice turned out to be a dud.
I ate more than I should, and too much of it fried. It was really good, but I just don’t have that 20 minute full signal enabled in my stomach. Seriously – it takes me probably at least 45 minutes to feel full after eating, which is really bizarre. And I hate sitting there thinking “Am I full? Am I satisfied?” I figure if I have to ask, then I am not, otherwise I wouldn’t be asking. I think this is why intuitive eating doesn’t work for me. Anyway, I am full now! Good thing today was a big cardio day with 60 minutes of biking and 30 minutes of walking.

And just for fun, here is a video of our other kitty, Pixie. This is my first video post! And I didn’t realize that the sound track would actually go with her making biscuits, but it ended up kind of funny. She is our shop cat, and will be moving into our house soon now that Chloe has passed away.

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13 thoughts on “Chinese buffet derail

  1. My 3 Month Challenge

    Oh I’m glad you survived throughout and kept your sanity! I am soooo bad with buffets. Great job with getting in the cardio today too!!

  2. Shelley

    That video is too funny – the music is perfect! Pixie is a cutie!

    I don’t do buffets, ever. Just can’t stop myself from overeating at them.

  3. SuperDave

    Dr's advice. Most people's fullness signal kicks in at 20 minutes, but a few studies have been shown that in heavier people the "fullness" factor kicks in >30 minutes.
    I think if we all took our time to eat slowly(not me!) we would give our brains the time to get thast satisfaction.

  4. Susan

    My problem with buffets is actually the dessert! I get comfortably full on the main meal, then just fill up on sweets until I’m in pain! Bad, bad news. Whoever invented the buffet should be punished 😛

    That is a super cute video!!!

  5. debbyweighsin

    Feeling hungry? Yah, my full button is defective too. I just saw a thing on Oprah on people who live extra long healthy lives, and the people in Japan have a saying ‘stop when you’re 80% full. I thought that was interesting.

    The cat video was hilarious, it even looked like she was doing that expressive piano player thing that the Miss America contestants do LOL! Not that I watch Miss America or anything….

  6. MizFIt

    I am an intuitive eater but it has taken me AGES to get here and I still think (know?) for me there are situations where my intuition is…blocked.

    chinese food in general is one where I need to focus on portion too and not listen to my bod as much as my bad always wants more 😉

  7. Roxie

    I think I’ve fallen in love with Pixie! What a cutie.

    My buffet strategy is to review all the food before making the specific selections to satisfy a specific meal plan that I’ve decided upon in advance. For example, one entree type dish, three vegetable dishes and perhaps a soup, if broth based.

    I find if I try to make most of my decisions prior to starting, then I don’t have to worry about the “full” signal, cuz heaven knows that sucker is faulty on me.

  8. Ron

    Cute video, Chinese buffets are always a problem for me, they are so good and even tho I am getting full.. i just want a little bit more!!!!

  9. Susan and her Crazy Woman

    The video is adorable. Oh boy, buffets are huge triggers for me so I avoid them now at all costs.

    I discovered your blog a couple of days ago (from a link on another blog) and really enjoy it, Lori. The posts are interesting and I can definitely relate. 🙂 I wish you success with your weight loss journey! (I’ve added your link to my blog’s sidebar.)

  10. SeaShore

    The video is so cute! At first I thought “making biscuits? There’s no biscuits.” I had never heard that expression before, we always called it kneading 🙂

    I’d probably be more concerned about the sodium and msg than the calories and fat. Either way, it was one meal, and the effects will go away soon. Hope it was delicious!

  11. Donna

    I had a Chinese buffet situation this weekend as well:) I didn’t eat a ton but got a serious migraine and went during a cleanse. Just confirmation that I can’t eat that way anymore which is good for weight loss, bad when I just want to run in and grab something. Of course you don’t run in and grab at a buffet but speaking in general:)

  12. cwalker3

    buffets are evil LOL. I would not suggest them for a begginer, but someone that has been doing it for a while will probably have the self control.

  13. fatfighter

    Pixie is adorable! And now that you’ve broken into video posting, I’ll be waiting for you to submit one to my video forum, okay? 🙂

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