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Here is another shot of a typical day for me activity wise. Click on the image to see it up close.

Today’s workout at the gym. Note how I actually get up earlier than I had set up the GoWear fit for initially. So, it doesn’t have the calorie burn from that earlier time in the window. I am just too lazy to change it, so it has me getting up at 7, when I am usually up by 6:30 and working out by 7! Note how you can tell when I get up and down during the from working at the computer.

Today’s strength training was moderate in activity, and the run was BPM sequenced with a podcast from jogtunes.com. Going around the track. Much better than the treadmill. I like the treadmill for intervals, though. 13000 steps today.

Doing the New Rules of Lifting for Women. I actually am fairly more advanced than the start of this program is, so going with fewer exercises is a change up for me. However, they are different than ones I normally do and it has been my first experience in the squat cage. I realized that I am way stronger than I thought.
Deadlifts: 1 x 15 with 10 bar for warmup
1 x 15 with 45 pound barbell
1 x 15 with 55 pound barbell

Wide grip lat pulldown: 1 x 15 40 pounds, 1 x 15 50 pounds
Dumbbell shoulder press: 1 x 15 12 pounds dumbbells, 1 x 15 15 pound dumbbells.

Dumbbell lunges: 2 x 15 20 pound dumbbells
Stability ball crunches: 2 x 15

Friday and Monday will be better tests of how much I can do with the barbell, now that I have the hang of it!

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5 thoughts on “A day in the life of

  1. Kelly

    Thanks for mentioning the book title. I added it to my Amazon wish list. 🙂 I have been struggling to get a routine together.

  2. Susan

    I can’t wait to see how you progress through the NROL program! I started out really weak and my strength increased by leaps and bounds, I bet you’ll be a superwoman by the time you finish!!

  3. Tim & Tamara

    I just picked up the NROL book for women this week and plan to start next week after the Easter weekend. Thanks for heading me towards such a great program! Good luck and I’ll let you know how it goes for me.

    Also, keep up the great blog and all your hard work! I look forward to your posts in my RSS feed and use them for inspiration in my Low carb life and fitness.

    Now if I could just afford a GoWear Fit! 🙂

    ~ Tamara

  4. A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare

    Dont you just love the GoWear Fit? Its so motivational to upload the information and see how many things, aside from formally working out, register as activity!

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