Eating my colors!

Breakfast was disappointing this morning.  We went to a different place for bagels and they didn’t taste very fresh.  So I only ate half, and John only took a few bites of his.  Last time for that place!  Guess that is why it was cheap.




Lunch was yummy,  tuna with the hummus!  My last can of tuna for a while, I have been eating it about 3 times a week, and think I will give it a rest for a bit, just to be on the safe side.  More of that yummy fresh pineapple, too!.


Snack (surprise!)


Dinner was baked clam strips, strawberries and broccoli.  Loving all the produce!


Note how often my plate is divided into 3s – protein source, fruit and veggies. That is pretty much how lunch and dinner look every day!

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10 thoughts on “Eating my colors!

  1. debbyweighsin

    Lori, I have noticed how your food is divided up, and I think it has had a direct affect on how I eat dinner now. It took forever for me to get over the idea that dinner had to be meat, veggie, and starch (potato, pasta, or rice.) But I finally do it regularly. And I think looking at your delicious, simple meals has really helped me in that.

  2. Kelly

    The baked clam strips looked fried. Yum!
    I’ve never thought of doing tuna with hummus. So you use the hummus instead of the mayo?

  3. cutecynicalchubbygirl

    the pineapple looks really yummy! I, also, am trying to make a point to fill most of my plate with veggies and grains and then a smaller section with my protein.

  4. Lori

    That was not quite all I ate yesterday. There was some peanut butter off the spoon, since I made some and a few chocolate chips. I was around 1500 calories.

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