Different buffet today.

Tuesday was Chinese buffet – today was an exercise buffet!

The start of my weekend (other than 2 hours of mandatory overtime to be done whenever), so I was not in any hurry to get back from the Y. So I sampled a bit of everything!
15 minutes of swimming (appry 400 yards).
15 minutes of jogging.

Barbell squats: 1 x 15 55 pounds, 1 x 15 65 pounds and 1 set of 10 at 75 pounds.
I am going to start at 75 pounds next week and work up from there. I am going to squat over 100 pounds by 2 months, that is my goal.

Push ups: 2 x 15
Seated lat row: 1 x 15 40 pounds, 1 x 15 45 pounds

Step ups: 2 x 15 with 20 pound dumbbells (these get my heart rate up!)
Stability ball jackknifes: 2 x 15. I fell off the ball once, I hope no one saw it LOL!

Then I rode the stationary bike for 35 minutes. I would not really recommend my exercise program to other people, as I am training for a tri, but I have to say that I really enjoy this fitness stuff!

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6 thoughts on “Different buffet today.

  1. Kelly

    Now that’a a buffet you can feel good about! Wow!

    So you’re training for a tri? That’s so awesome. Do you ahve to provide your own bike for those? I’ve priced some of the tri bikes. Ouch! I think it was something like $5K.

  2. Lori

    I have a bike already that I am going to use. Not buying anything fancy. It’s just a sprint distance triathlon, and I am not getting all fancied up for it LOL. I just want to finish.

  3. Herbalife Las Vegas

    Great job getting a “buffet” of exercise in. Especially when you are training for a triathlon. I am doing a triathlon in a month and haven’t done much swimming or biking.

  4. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    Exercise buffet…LOVE it! I might steal that some day 🙂 It’s so much more fun than “cross training.” How industrial is that? Reading your blog today gives me encouragment to do the cardio and weights today. I was thinking…maybe…hmmm…I’d take the day off, but nope. I’m gonna partake of the buffet. Thanks, Lori!

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