You can't out train a bad diet.

I need to kick myself in the butt. With all the hard workouts and calorie burn I am doing at the Y, I am letting myself eat more than I should be.
Here is a great video about the reality of how much exercise you need to do to work off that extra food!

I don’t necessarily agree with him that cardio is a joke, but he makes a very good point.

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10 thoughts on “You can't out train a bad diet.

  1. mythreemonthokinawadiet

    Thank you for the video. A powerful reminder of what I often overlook. I count calories consumed but not calories burned. If possible I want to use my excersice time more poductively.


  2. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    Cardio's not a joke, but I understand what he's trying to say. Great visual.

    Of course, now I want A&W root beer 🙂

  3. Susan

    Haha, I like how he chimes in with the “0.5% incline.”

    Great video, definitely effective. I actually remember reading somewhere once that people who go to the gym can actually end up putting on weight because they over-estimate how much their burning, and they’re often more inactive outside of their gym visits than if they weren’t going at all (ie a tough hour at the gym warrants an evening on the couch)

  4. SuperDave

    This is true, but cardio keeps the weight off. If you are downing a pizza you surely will gain weight.
    I generally don’t add cals back to my diet even if I’m working out. I figure that it is a bonus weight loss.
    I sorta agree, but running for 2 minutes does no good anyway.

  5. Leila

    really like this video! I have blogger as well.. what did you do to put that video on your blog? I can only do the link but.. i would like to post this vid too. 🙂 thanks!

  6. Herbalife Las Vegas

    Great video. I think nutrion is 80% of the equation for most people and exercise about 20%.

  7. MizFIt

    it is true, huh?
    I know I say it all the time but IM not a big fan of the cardio.
    it’s the ickyveggie (we all have one we dont love no matter how it is disguised. for me its brussel sprouts) of exercise for me.

    But with out it I not just gain saddle bags but do a diservice to my heart.

    Never seen the video–thanks for linking!

  8. debby

    This was a good visual. It is disappointing to most people to realize this. You have to find a different motivation to exercise besides weight loss. I still remember the illustration in W.W. that you have to walk the length of a football field to work off one M&M!

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