Can I help you with that?

I’ll point out that one of my pet peeves is the assumption that because I am a woman, I am weak. With our business, we get a fair number of heavy things delivered or we pick them up. These can be 50 pounds or more, which I really have no trouble with, and after 10 years of doing it, I know how to move this stuff around properly. Almost every time I come to help unload stuff, the delivery person (only if they are male) will usually say something to the effect of “Are you sure? It’s heavy”. My husband winces when he hears that, since he knows that he will hear me griping about it later LOL! I don’t look frail, either.

Anyway, today was the kicker on this. At the gym today, it was a weight workout for me. I was setting up for dumbbell lunges, so I went to the rack to grab the 25 pound dumbbells. There was a guy standing right next to them doing some kind of arm exercise, and as I was checking which weights to pick up he says “Can I help you with those?”. ???? Ummm… I’m at the gym! I kind of looked at him funny because I wasn’t quite sure what to say other than “No thanks”. John said I should have asked him to do my workout for me LOL!

Anyway – that was amusing.

Gorgeous day on tap. Pretty sure John and I will be running a 5K tomorrow. After doing lower body work today, it will probably be slow one, but the first of the season!

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8 thoughts on “Can I help you with that?

  1. Shelley

    I don’t know…right now, I’m still kind of a weakling at the gym, so I like it when my trainer sets my weights. Maybe my attitude will change as I get stronger?

  2. SuperDave

    I’m the kind of guy that will always ask a lady if I can get that for them. It’s manners for me not machoism, but That guy at the gym was just plain stupid!
    That’s why they call them muscleheads and not brainiacs.
    Good luck on your 5K tomorrow w/ john!

  3. Heather

    The gym guy story cracked me up. It reminded me of that comdedian, Bill Engvall, with the “here’s your sign” jokes he’s so famous for.

  4. mythreemonthokinawadiet

    I agree with Super Dave. The guy in the gym is a fool.

    Manners are taught. Unfortunately, many people don’t learn the “why”.
    Good manners requires thinking – not blind devotion.

    Though, I hate to imagine a world where people are afraid to be kind, thoughtful or helpful because it might offend someone.

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