Snack attack day

Well – after have such a great fitness day yesterday, today was a snack attack! I woke up with really sore legs, which I attribute to biking on Friday and several hours of gardening. They were a little stiff yesterday, as I mentioned, but I think pushing it with the race didn’t help and today they are not so good. Tylenol PM tonight!
Anyway, it was grocery day, so now we have munchables in the house, like nuts, granola, berries. The chocolate is still hidden from me, thank goodness! It is really annoying that I can still overeat on good things.

So, while I have been working today, I keep snacking. And I’m not that hungry. Those times when the old me sneaks out of the asylum for a visit.

I am so glad it is a rest day, but it was all I could do not to hop on my bike on a sunny day!

Stay tuned for a Sobe Life Water Giveaway tomorrow!!

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7 thoughts on “Snack attack day

  1. kristisummer

    I too am quite the snacker. Sunday is a good day to relax and don’t feel guilty b/c if your body is telling you to listen to it.

  2. MizFit

    Im so the snacker as well.
    My husband has taken to saying, on the weekends, as he hears me pitterpatter to the kitchen:


    I ‘have” to make good choices or else Id be so very derailed every single weekend.

  3. Fat[free]Me

    I am the same after a workout – just want to nibble and nibble. Luckily I do have healthy snacks on hand,but even so, they do add up if you do it more than ten times, lol!

  4. Susan

    Oooh, I feel you on the snack attacks. I just bought a bag of Nature’s Path kamut puffs specifically for snacking on instead of granola! They’re only 50 calories a cup and bland enough that I don’t go back for more! 😛

    Enjoy your rest!

  5. debby

    “Those times when the old me sneaks out of the asylum for a visit.”
    That is such a funny word-picture illustration, Lori. You are an inspiration to me on your discipline both food and exercise-wise, and it is good to hear that you struggle too.

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