It’s not just willpower

Interesting article on  about the physical effects of food on the brain and how we eat.

We all beat ourselves up when we binge or eat food that isn’t the healthiest.  Research is starting to show that food really *is* addicting.  It’s not just lazy people with no will power.

From the article

At issue is how the brain becomes primed by different stimuli. Neuroscientists increasingly report that fat-and-sugar combinations in particular light up the brain’s dopamine pathway — its pleasure-sensing spot — the same pathway that conditions people to alcohol or drugs.


If weight loss was just as simple as eat less and move more, no one would be overweight.  It’s amazing how complicated obesity really is.

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11 thoughts on “It’s not just willpower

  1. kilax

    That article scares me. I gave up sweets for Lent and was surprised by how much I craved them. I have binged on them twice since Lent ended! I just need to say no for good! That seems to be all that will work!

  2. Kelly

    That’s a very interesting post. I’m not very happy about it but it’s interesting. 🙂

    Now I’ll have to be even more aware of when and why I eat.

  3. Shelley

    This doesn’t surprise me…I KNOW that I get crazy when I eat certain “treat” foods and just end up wanting more and more of them.

  4. My 3 Month Challenge

    Those are some scary thoughts on how our brain works! And even scarier to think what marketers and companies are doing to make money and manipulate those aspects (weaknesses, can I say?) of the human body.

  5. Wallace Obese Looser

    Nothing defines health and fitness in this age, toned bodies and size zero is the requirement of todays generation and because of it many people try just about anything to burn away their excess fat. You can even find medicines such as phentermine, adipex, xenical and Phentremine that claim to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

  6. mythreemonthokinawadiet

    Thank you for that link. I don’t want to believe it but in my heart I know there must be some truth there.

  7. superbecca

    I always feel like if I give in a little bit it’s just going to get worse. Have chocolate one night, and then the next thing I know I’m contemplating eating the chocolate chips or making brownies…for me it’s totally true.

  8. arielcircleofnine

    Nothing in the article surprised me, it just makes things seem a bit more devious on the folks making and selling us this food side!
    Last night for example, my husband and I ran across a dollar store with a TON of great candy. My husband is the slimmest man you’ll ever meet, and has a huge sweet tooth. LUCKILY for me, he isnt that into chocolate. He bought things like gummy bears and jelly beans etc that just dont tempt me much. I bought a bag of Tootsie pops, because when I have a sugar craving I know I can eat JUST ONE and be done with it. Had I bought a bag of say…reeses peanut butter cups or hershey’s kisses that whole sucker would be gone POOF…a pile of shiny wrappers would be all that was left!! 😀
    Good to discover your blog, you are an inspiration!

  9. justjuliebean

    So does sex, drugs, various medications, exercise, etc. Lots of things appeal to our dopamine and other feel good chemicals, otherwise we wouldn’t do them. It doesn’t mean we’re addicted.

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