Doing well so far


Okay,  doing pretty well so far.  I got in a lot of exercise today, too.

Started off at the Y with a 20 minute swim, then my NROLW workout.  Now I feel like I am in the meat of the program and have found the point where I am making more progress.

I did the 90 pound barbell squat!  A bit heavy, I have to say LOL!  Did a set of 10 after a set of 85.   I better lose some more weight if I want to squat my body weight LOL!

Plus “man-style” pushups!   (3 sets of 10). 

Then did 1/2 hour on the stationary bike.

I ate pretty well today, a little light on veggies, but I didn’t go overboard on calories.  Plus we biked for coffee this afternoon since it was so gorgeous out!  John played hooky this afternoon to come with :)  It’s about 6 miles each way.  My GoWear fit has a lot of activity on it today!

Tomorrow is a longer bike ride, going to Lake George.  It’s  approximately 30 miles round trip.  Unless one of us calls an audible, we will go the whole way.  Then I do deserve some frozen yogurt!


I love active weekends!

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3 thoughts on “Doing well so far

  1. debbyweighsin

    What a good day, and how fun to have a challenging bike ride tomorrow–to a lake–sounds divine!

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