Awesome ride!


We had  a great bike ride today!

It’s about 15 miles each way to and from the lake, and it’s really hilly. This is one of the more deceptive hills.  There were a few that were really steep.  Kind of felt like uphill both ways, too!


Water break while we are still pretty fresh.


Saw these by Magic Mountain, which normally you don’t see when the leaves are on the trees!  These are pretty far down – at the top of the hill here.


Da lake!lg-1

It was weird to have it in the 80s and no leaves on the trees.  It was like someone plucked a July day and stuck in in April!  Little kids were trying to swim, but I don’t think they realized that just because the air temp was warm, doesn’t mean the lake was – it was 40 degrees!


After lunch and some shopping, we biked home.  Here is me waiting for John to catch up LOL!  Thank you training!


Our reward!


What a fantastic day – I love my thighs that they were able to get me to and from the lake!

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8 thoughts on “Awesome ride!

  1. Herbalife Las Vegas

    Wow what incredible pictures! I should get back into bike riding, it looks very fun.

  2. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    I’m about to blog almost the exact same post! Your ride looks lovely (and very familiar…I’ll post photos on my post, too). You went twice as far as me…I bow to your thigh strength!

  3. Ron

    Glad you enjoyed your bike ride and your reward!!! My bike ride this morning did not goes as well!

  4. Fat[free]Me

    What a lovely bike ride – oh, I wish I could be the one up in front waiting for my honey – at the moment, he patiently waits for me. One day.. one day…

  5. Lee

    We had a good 14 mile ride along the American River on Friday.

    Question: bike shorts or comfy seat on your bike? Or both?

  6. Lori

    I have a comfy seat on my bike. Or maybe I am just used to it. I wear non padded bike shorts. Hate that padding LOL!

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