On plan day and Beck Diet book


I have had a very in control Saturday eating wise.  Exercise wise as well, ran for 3.5 miles this morning and then we took a 40 minute walk after dinner  (and a little strolling at the mall).    I don’t know if it was the Kirstie Alley thing or what that got my butt really in gear to be in control today, but I’ll take it.  Sundays are super difficult for me, so we shall see what tomorrow brings.

Yesterday I went to the library and got out (amongst a bunch of other books!) the “>Beck Diet solution. I hadn’t bothered looking at this book before because I thought it was just another diet plan book, and I thought it was all about intuitive eating.  Well, after reading another blogger’s review (whom I can’t remember…) I realized I was incorrect.  I cracked the book open at Starbucks today and think that I am going to get some good use out of it.  I’ll do a full review once I finish and implement the things, but I definitely see many things of value in what I have read so far.  Tonight I am going to write out some action cards and such.


Have any of you read this book and have any thoughts about it?

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7 thoughts on “On plan day and Beck Diet book

  1. A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare

    I think the interesting thing with Kristie Alley, is though she is famous and has all of the resources that the average Joe/Jane can not afford (daily personal trainers, personal chefs, etc) she has the same struggles with her weight that we all do. She’s probably been on more diets than I’ve even thought of, but it’s hard because it isnt about diets, its about finding something that works for you for your entire life.

  2. Roxie

    I’ve read and used the Beck book and I liked a lot of what she had to say. I believe that CBT can work and I gained some insight from reading the book.

  3. debby

    Hi Lori, Pubsgal recently reviewed it, I think. I bought the book a while ago, but didn’t really get too into it. Maybe I’ll dig it out again.

  4. Herbalife Las Vegas

    Great job with Saturday. I know the weekends are always a challenge for me.
    I haven’t read the book yet.

  5. Tena

    I have that book and a few months back kinda got into it. Maybe I’ll open it back up and give it a go, too. Hope Sunday is good for you!

  6. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    Yeah, it was Pubsgal who reviewed it. I’ve got it on my to read list, too. Looking forward to your review. Good luck with your eating/exercise today (Sunday).

  7. Kim

    I am reading it now and am finding a lot of the information very useful!
    I just found your blog and am loving it!

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