The Squat Queen


I forgot to post yesterday that I did barbell squats with 100 pounds!  That’s how much weight I have lost, which was a little  ironic to put back on my shoulders LOL!

I had to do a little shimmie when I got done out of happiness.  I don’t care who noticed!

Hit that goal faster than I thought.  So – my new goal is to squat my body weight (140ish) by the end of summer.  Muscles rock!


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16 thoughts on “The Squat Queen

  1. Chai Latté

    Gooood lord you are awesome!

    It must have felt unbelievable to hold that 100lbs and realize that used to be you. Insane!

  2. debby

    OH MY GOSH LORI! I am in awe. I am having a horrible time with my squats–the form. I can’t do it without losing my balance, so I am still basically doing it without weights. You go girl!

  3. Laurie

    Wow! That’s awesome! I get tired carrying my friend’s baby around who is 18ish lbs and then I think, I used to carry about 2x’s this much on me.

  4. me

    When I grow up I want to be just like YOU! YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks so much for your kind words, inspiration and hugs. They mean so much to me on this journey.

  5. Fat[free]Me

    Wow – I wish you could see my Impressed Face, ‘cos that is how I am looking right now!

  6. Miz

    Woman, you should have done the full on FUNKY CHICKEN!

    that’s so amazing.
    that you did the squats PERIOD.
    that youve shed that much.

    all of it.

    have a great healthy day!


  7. Mae Flowers

    That is amazing! It’s inspiring how far you’ve come! I have no doubts that you’ll be doing the 140 by the end of the summer with all that you have accomplished so far! Great job!

  8. Susan

    CONGRATS!! That’s is seriously, seriously awesome!!! You’ll get to squatting your body weight in no time!

  9. Kelly

    I’m very impressed not only with the squats but the weight loss! I can’t wait to lose my weight. You give me hope. 🙂

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