The Great Veggie Experiment: Artichoke!

Artichokes were on sale for $1 a piece, so I thought I would cook one up for myself.  John didn’t want any.choke1

Trimmed up and ready for cooking – It’s purty inside:


I decided to microwave steam it, so I put it in water with salt and pepper and a bay leaf, covered with plastic wrap and microwaving for probably about 10-12 minutes total.

With dinner.  I had a bit of butter, lemon juice and worchestershire sauce in a dish for dipping, although I mostly just ate it plain:

dinner P5060022

Down to the choke:


Scraped out the thistle:


This was the best part as it had a meatiness to it that the leaves lacked.  You can just bite into the choke.   The taste was milder than a cabbage or asparagus with some type of flavor that I can’t quite put my finger on.  Sour maybe?  But not in a bad way, just different.  I could really taste the bay leaf, too.  This was fun, and certainly slowed dinner down, but I still like my broccoli better!

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9 thoughts on “The Great Veggie Experiment: Artichoke!

  1. A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare

    I love artichoke in things, but I’ve yet to try to cook one myself. I might just have to throw one on the grocery list for next week now!

  2. Fat[free]Me

    Artichokes are the best, especially the choke (heart) part – yum! You often see them for sale in Italy (just the chokes), soaking in oil, even yummier (although not as healthy). I swear, I would do nearly anything for artichoke hearts, lol!

  3. Tena

    Thanks for sharing this info! I’ve always felt intimidated by the whole artichoke. You’ve made it look so simple to prepare, I think I’ll get some next time I’m shopping. That meal looks yum!

  4. skinnyhollie

    I saw one of these at the grocery the other day and thought, “I have no idea what that is.” LOL

    You have been awarded! Check out my blog from yesterday…

  5. Susan

    Ooh, I noticed that on your other blog and was hoping you’d do a write-up about it! I’ve only ever had artichoke hearts before, I didn’t even know you could eat the whole thing! I’ll have to keep my eye out for sales…

  6. me

    I’ve never been brave enough to try one of those things. Maybe it’s the price that intimidates me – they usually run around the $5 mark here. I just don’t think I could try something for that price and never figure out how to eat the thing. I think I’ll stick with broccoli and brussel sprouts for now. But if they every come on sale I just might give it a try using your method.

  7. Jenessa

    Hi there! I stumbled across your blog and your story is so incredibly motivating!! I , too, have 100+ lbs to lose and while it seems daunting, reading such wonderful success stories makes it feel so attainable 🙂 Congratulations!!

    Oh… and that artichoke looks yummy!!


  8. Chai Latté

    Mmmm I love artichokes!

    I hear angels singing when I finally get down to the heart! So much work in getting there! 🙂

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