Spread Out Tri

First day of my weekend! I did sort of Lori version of a triathlon today.
I got up at the normal time, just can’t sleep in – no matter what! Anyway, got to the Y around 7am and the pool was not crowded, which is usually the case on Fridays – all those slackers that stop working out towards the end of the week LOL!
So, I did 500 yards of the backstroke. I do laps, but do them a bit differently. I do not flip and push off the pool side, I just turn around and swim, because in open water I will not be able to push off every 25 yards so I need to get used to doing all that work. I also do the backstroke because I just can’t get the breathing down without swallowing a bunch of water any other way. But, that’s okay. The swim will be my slowest event.

After that, I did my weight workout and then hopped on the treadmill and alternated walking and running for 1/2 hour.

Got home and spent some time reading the paper and just trying to relax. I really need to learn how to relax a little bit, but it is hard. After lunch, we decided to go for a bike ride – so that is the 3rd leg of a triathlon (albeit out of order). We biked to Panera Bread and back, about 15 miles total. Super active day.

Of course, type A that I am, I did work an hour and half of overtime tonight. Like the extra money, and working from home makes that really easy to do!

I made up a breakfast cookie for tomorrow morning. Did vanilla protein powder and pumpkin with walnut butter. I am not totally sold on how this will be. It’s interesting at any rate. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

We are hoping for another bike ride tomorrow, but it really depends on the weather. Rain is moving in. If it rains, it might be a shopping day heehee!

Anyone else have fun plans for the weekend?

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11 thoughts on “Spread Out Tri

  1. Herbalife Las Vegas

    I have a lot of trouble with swimming at a good pace. I need a trainer I think. I feel your pain. What kind of work from home do you do? Breakfast cookie sounds very good.

  2. Susan

    Ugh, I’m going to the pool later today and I just KNOW it’s going to be busy. I suppose it’s good practice for the tri – having a bunch of people kicking and splashing you as you swim. But man, it’s annoying!!

    Have you thought about taking some adult lessons at the Y? That’s what I’ve been doing and it’s helped me A LOT. You may even be able to just buy a few private lessons rather than signing up for a whole session…

  3. Lori

    I work as a transcriptionist from home, plus we have a business that I occasionally help with 🙂

    Susan – I have thought about taking a few lessons, but the cost factor right now is too much and the swim portion of my tri is pretty short (350 yards), so I’ll probably just slog through.

  4. debby

    Lori, Let me know how you like the breakfast cookie. I really liked it once I got the almond butter (not a giant fan of peanut butter.)

    But I’m wondering where you got the walnut butter. They are my favorite nuts of all time.

  5. The Crazy Woman Inside Me

    I just loved reading your post, Lori! What you’re doing is exactly where I aspire to be with my health and fitness. I’m getting there slowly but surely.

    Honestly, it makes me feel healthier just reading about your wonderful personal triathlon! 😀

    Keep up the great work!


  6. Lori

    Debby – I made the walnut butter myself. I love making my own nut butters now. I’m too addicted to them, though!

  7. Kelly

    I have been meaning to try those breakfast cookies for a long time. Let me know what you think.

    I’m super impressed with your triathlon. I’ve been thinking about going to the Y and doing the same thing. I don’t have my own bike yet so I’ll have to use a stationary one at the Y. No worries.

    I saw a couple of the weight training books that you mentioned. I almost got one. Probably next week. 🙂

    keep up the great work. I still think that I should earn activity points or burn calories just reading about all of your exercise adventures. 😛

  8. Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit

    Well, if you can spread it out like that, then I’ve run a marathon (over the past two years).

    Keep up the great work.

  9. Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit

    Well, if you can spread it out like that, then I’ve run a marathon (over the past two years).

    Keep up the great work.

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