Challenge Day 4 and the big move

Did really well today on my challenge. I even managed to not eat a protein bar today! I am trying to break my addiction to them. Could be worse, it could be chocolate chip cookies.

Sometimes really loving food sucks. My taste buds are way bigger than my stomach (or my caloric needs). I am not always of the mind that a taste or 2 is enough. Sometimes a taste or 2 just wets my appetite and gets the cravings really going. That is why certain foods can’t come into the house, like any type of Reese’s product. I can eat an entire bag of mini reeses cups without blinking an eye (and I think that is a pound bag).

John bought some dark chocolate peanut butter M&Ms the other day, and I told him that they must be super secretly hidden and not his usual hiding places (which I know), or I knew that I would be into them. I cannot eat just a couple of those and be happy. I will easily and happily eat a cup of peanut Ms. That is the food addict in me. So, he obliged and they are very hidden….. and I’m not looking… yet.

Had a good workout today. Did some swimming, then weights. I am just finishing up the NROLW Stage 1. I’ll post the totals this weekend sometime of my progress. I did barbell squat 110 pounds today! I have done 105, and thought I would try 110 on an extra set. It is surprising how much heavier 5 pounds is. I could only do 7 reps, I started to wobble on the last one and stopped, but think I did pretty good.

So – the big move will be happening probably tomorrow to move my blog to it’s own domain! I’ll make the announcement and then flip it over. The new blog is still a work in progress, but at least the basic frame is there. I need a good logo person to make me a butterly curling a dumbbell, though!

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7 thoughts on “Challenge Day 4 and the big move

  1. destinationathlete

    Yea, I definitely have trigger foods too….Reese’s Cups are one. Sour Patch Kids, buffalo wings, and Starburst Jelly beans are others. Don’t put them in front of me, because I will eat

    GREAT JOB on the new weight lifting achievement – that’s awesome!!!

    Can’t wait to see the new home. :o)

  2. Sarah

    Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are a trigger for me too. Glad that your man is also cool with keeping his fix away from you.

    I’m thrilled your blog is moving to it’s own domain. That’s awesome! I just checked out your food blog for the first time, (where have I been). We eat very similar stuff. The transition to it wasn’t easy as I am sure you know, and yeah, those triggers are still there, but at the same time. Who knew Greek Yogurt was so freaking yummy!

    Thanks for all your support. It’s nice to know that there are people rooting for me.

  3. debby

    Wow, your own domain! Does it make things easier for you?

    Its good to hear that someone who has/is doing so well still has food issues. Makes me feel not so alone and not so freaky!

    I can’t believe how much weight you are doing on squats. I am proud just to get the form a little better.
    You’re an inspiration, Lori.

  4. Ron

    I do the same thing with M & M's, it doesn't matter how big of a bag it is.. I keep eating till there gone!

  5. SeaShore

    I have that Reese’s addiction too. At Easter my husband and I each had 2 Reese eggs, and I insisted we eat them at the same time, because I knew if his were still around after I ate mine, that I would eat those too. He said “no you wouldn’t, they’re mine. You would never do that.” But I knew I would. Sad, eh?

    Well done on the 110 lb barbell squats! Wow! You really inspire me. I’m baby stepping (more like infant wriggling) behind you 🙂

  6. Susan

    Congrats on the 100 lbs!! That’s amazing!!!

    I’m the same way, I just can not have certain foods in the house. There are so many treats I see at the grocery store that I’d love to try out, but I know the box would dissapear a lot quicker than it should! I’m seriously considering not buying cereal anymore!

  7. DeAnn

    How is it that a 1 pound bag of Reese’s can add 5 pounds to the scale? Doesn’t that go against some law of physics??? I also find that if the bag is unopened, I won’t open it. But once the seal is broken, it calls my name all day until it is empty.

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