Welcome to the new site!! And Challenge Day 5.

Welcome to the new domain everyone!  I’m still fiddling with things, so you will see changes on it periodically as I update and change.  However, all my old posts are here, so if you wanted to reread something, you can!  I am going to be doing a combo of my food blog and this blog together, although not posting about the food in quite so much detail.  Maybe a featured food/meal of the day.

I’m excited about the new blog and all the features I can do here with the wordpress software.

Today I did pretty well on the 5th day of my 12 day challenge.  It’s an easy exercise day for me, just a 30 minute walk and for some reason, those days make me crave food big time!  I struggled a bit at lunch snacking on some chips while I cooked, but then managed to stop myself and ended up within calories for the day.  Now I have to drink extra water to flush out the sodium from the chips!

Interesting from yesterday’s post about how we all have those trigger foods, and so many of you have the problem with the Reeses!!  They must put some drug in there or something LOL!

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One thought on “Welcome to the new site!! And Challenge Day 5.

  1. Susan

    Welcome to your new little piece of the interweb!!! 😀 It looks great!

    I find I’m usually more hungry on my less active days too. I just chalk it up to my metabolism trying to catch up 😛

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