Challenge Day 6

Quick update before bedtime.  Half way there!

I did quite well today.  I also allowed myself a small treat this afternoon of a cookie.  So that meant an brisk walk before dinner.

John made one of our favorites for dinner:  Jambalaya!  He even calculated the calories for different portion sizes and asked me how much I wanted.  He is so super!  So I was able to have a small bowl of jambalaya, broccoli and strawberries for around 300 calories.  It was filling, too – since it had brown rice (I normally don’t eat grain, pasta, or potato starches for dinner).

So, that feels pretty good.  Tomorrow will be a real challenge.  Off biking to Lake George.  It’s hard not to just eat whatever, since the ride will be 30+ hilly miles there and back.  I’ve gotten Sundays under control, but Saturdays are still a challenge to allow something extra but not go overboard.

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4 thoughts on “Challenge Day 6

  1. karyn

    I love your new site. I really struggle everyday to find time to even update mine. It has been awhile since I have even been there. Guess I could be over there right now updating! LOL.
    Great job! Keep up the great work!

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