Elvis and Indian Food

On the challenge front today, I would give myself a B. Did much better than last Saturday, but still have room for improvement.

The day turned out glorious, and we biked to Lake George. That is one hilly ride!  Plus it was windy, which really increased the resistance.  Thank you squats for helping me get up those hills. Had fueled up with a good oats breakfast with protein powder, and it did the trick to get me there.

It happened to be Elvis Tribute weekend in Lake George :O So we see this guy as we pull into town:

Now that it is past Memorial Day, all the restaurants are now open, including one of our favorite Indian ones. We love to eat Indian because vegetarian options are really diverse. It’s very difficult to find restaurants that serve locally produced meats, so we try to avoid that when dining out.

Me waiting for food:


Note the hat covering up my helmet head! I had some yummy dal mahkni! This was devinely delicious, although probably cream laden by the looks:

It also came with about a pound of jasmine rice.  White rice is a trigger food for me.  I love it to pieces, so I really tried to control myself.  I did have a little to much, but it was less than a cup (which was still less than half the bowl).  I also sampled some of John’s paneer – yum!:


His dish also came with the same boatload of rice!

The meals were enjoyed with a nice view:


We spent the afternoon browsing the stores and viewing more Elvi  (is that the plural??)


Then we stopped at a new coffee shop to have a treat.  I was sorely disappointed that they only had whole milk available!  I was shocked, to say the least.  I did not want 16 oz of whole milk in my latte, so I just went with a regular cup of coffee with some milk.  What is up with that?  However, they did have some of the delectable 3-bite desserts, which are awesome to have a treat, yet keep it small.


Then we got ready to go home.   We hit an interesting spot where we could hear 3 different Elvi performing all at once.  It was like a house of mirrors.  Saw one last Elvis on the way out of the village, and he was the most flamboyant one.


The bike ride home was a little better wind-wise.

Stopped for a peaceful view along the path:


Crashed on the couch after we got home.  30 miles of hills.  Ate a fairly light dinner and if I can manage to not snack before bed in the next couple hours, I still will have the B grade for Challenge Day 7!

Thank you very much……  Think I will be hearing that in my sleep tonight. 😀

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5 thoughts on “Elvis and Indian Food

  1. Susan

    Love the “Elvi!”

    Whole milk = blech. I remember people used to come in and get 10% (or “breve”) lattes when I worked at Starbucks. Ewewew 😛

    Great way to spend your Saturday! I thought wind and hills were hard running, but I think it’s worse when you’re on a bike!

  2. Kevin Gassen

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