Nutella and bargains

It is really gorgeous here!  I have to say that I like WordPress a lot for blogging, so I will likely be posting more than once a day (you lucky readers 😀  )

Started off the day at the Y with a little brick workout.  I swam  650 yards (26 laps) then rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes, covering about 6 miles.  Somewhat of an easier workout today.  My legs feel a bit stiff from jogging yesterday.  Plus I think they still might feel something from the hills on Saturday.

Came back to a great bowl of oats:


Cooked with a banana and cocoa powder and topped with a bit of peanut butter and Nutella!  This was sooooo good.

I am a big bargain shopper  (right Mom??) and last Friday I hit my favorite consignment store and got a brand new shirt for $1 !! Here it is!


It’s actually pretty flattering, I think.  It’s almost a little big, but that’s okay.  Very comfortable.  It feels like moleskin, but it isn’t.  I normally don’t wear button up shirts, but you can’t pass up something that costs $1 and fits, right??  My thighs are looking chubby, though, better lay off that Nutella!

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6 thoughts on “Nutella and bargains

  1. Shelley B

    “A dollar?!?” (quote from Jon Lovitz in the movie Rat Race) That’s a bargain! And cute to boot!!!

    Now…chubby thighs? Where?!? You look fit and awesome, Lori!

  2. Karyn

    You do look awesome! You are an inspiration to me and seeing your great results helps to keep me on track. I followed your example and started my own 7 day challenge. One week at a time for now.

  3. PTG1002

    I beg to differ on the thighs….not chubby at all! Great job on the bargain shopping – that really is fantastic!

    And the oats look ohsotasty too!

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