I was going to go to the Y this morning, but since I wasn’t swimming, and I am lifting weights tomorrow (only 2 lifting workouts this week), I decided not to waste the gas driving to the Y to run.  It certainly was nice enough this morning to head outside.  I fueled up with half a Balance bar (approx 100 calories) and then proceeded to run 6 miles  (I like the sound of 10K better, though)!!   Took me about an hour and 15 minutes. We used Map My Walk to plan out several different 5K loops from our house,  so I did one of them, and then did a second one.  I definitely can go further than that, which is kind of exciting!  I would for sure need to refuel after 6 miles along with a big water stop to keep going.  You know, I commented on my chubby thighs yesterday, but  they are quite muscular and can certainly do a lot for me, so thank you thighs!

I need to just take a day and see how far I can go.  My knees were complaining a little bit towards the end.  I was diagnosed with chondromalacia patella back in college (dare I say 20 years ago??), and my knees sound like rice krispies when I flex them (which I do to bug John sometimes, stinker that I am) – but they really are never very painful.  I might think about some braces or wraps for longer runs just to be on the safe side and prevent injury.

Not to mention the bonus of burning over 700 calories with that run, after which I had this!


Anyone who has read my blog a lot knows I loves me some bagels!  I actually had someone comment once that I wouldn’t lose weight eating bagels.  Guess they should have told me that 100+ pounds ago…..

I am just enjoying those post run endorphins now!

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7 thoughts on “10K!!

  1. Susan

    Ahhh! That’s a HUGE accomplishment!! CONGRATS!! ooh, do I see 10k races in your future?? 😛

    Ha, I’m pretty sure part of the reason you’ve been able to keep your weight off is because you eat bagels. A deprived body is an unhappy one!

  2. PTG1002

    YAY FOR YOU!!!!! 6 miles is absolutely fantastic, but be careful – the running bug can creep up on you very, very quickly and soon enough, you’ll find yourself hitting 10K races with a vengeance! :o)

  3. jen (@bwJen)

    First of all 6 miles is so flipping awesome! and you are right 10K sounds like more!

    I love bagels!! I probably have one bagel each week! I have to limit myself there or I would want 3 every Sunday…lol

    Keep up the good work!! I love reading your blog!!

  4. Ali


    I found your blog through Lynn’s blog, and I am so impressed with all that you have accomplished. Good for you for running! I was diagnosed with patellofemoral syndrome (which often is confused with chrondomalacia), and I could not imagine running at this point. So you give me hope that those of us with knee problems can triumph.

    Good luck in your training for the triathlon. I check out your blog most days to see what you are doing. And I look forward to reading all your posts. And I like looking at your food! (That sounds a little weird, doesn’t it?)

  5. Roxie

    Brava! Great run. I’m actually looking forward to running again. Good luck with your training and enjoy your bagels!

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