Challenge Day 12 – Finished!

Felt like a busy day today.  Went to the Y and did a bit of biking and walking, then the extra bonus NROLW workout – goal to do as many reps as possible at starting weight.

Dead lifts – 25 # bar  32 reps (I could have kept going, but got bored LOL)

Pushups at 45 degree angle = 30 reps

Seated lat rows at 40# = 25 reps

Step ups with 20 pound dumbbells = 30 reps each leg

Stability ball jackknife = 18 reps.

Now I have a whole week off from strength training!  I’ll take that time to concentrate on bricks and fueling.

Came home to protein pancakes:


I left out the protein powder today since I had a lighter workout.  That makes them a little fluffier without the extra protein.

Got started at work early – since I have a 3-day weekend starting tomorrow! Woo Hoo!  Sooner I got done, the sooner my mini vacay starts 😀

Dinner was a buffalo chicken wrap.   I had some cooked chicken breast which I chopped up and put on a smart carb wrap with a tiny bit of blue cheese dressing, lots of hot sauce and some spring mix salad.  So good!  And fresh blueberries.  I am going to turn purple pretty soon!


After dinner, we went for a bike ride and got some frozen yogurt.  I tried carrot cake flavor, which was pretty good, but not great.  The ride there and back is around 13 miles or so, which is great to have a treat and burn off all the calories getting there and back!

So the challenge ends today!  I ate pretty well today to finish off the challenge.  I had 10 good days and 2 not so good days, so overall I am pleased.  Plus, I lost about 2 pounds, which is awesome for me!  I have gained a few while training for the triathlon, so it is nice to see the scale go the other way.

Tomorrow is my birthday (41 eeek!), and I have a nice long weekend to enjoy!  I’ll post pics of my dinner tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Challenge Day 12 – Finished!

  1. Susan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORI!!!!! Remember, calories have no effect on your body on your birthday. It’s science!! 😛

    Carrot cake ice cream sounds… interesting. Happy you’re pleased with the challenge results. Now go eat some cake! (or a bagel) Have a great day 😀

  2. debby

    Happy Birthday, Lori!!!

    That is a good day. They sure do go by fast though, don’t they?

    Yumm…frozen yogurt. I have been craving some. I’d have to bike 60 miles one way to get some though–lol!!

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