Spring Garden and Breakfast

Woke up a little early this morning.  I went out for a run and decided to do another 6 miles.  I ran one 5K loop back to the house, had 1/2 a balance bar and some water, which I left on the porch, then John joined me for the second 5k.  That was fun!  We then met my parent’s out for breakfast – they wanted to take me out for my birthday – thanks parentals!!  We went to Samantha’s Catering, which has really great prices and wonderful food.  I can’t believe that I ordered oatmeal LOL!  But it came with maple syrup and milk, plus a side of homemade wheat toast (carb overload, anyone?)


My parents each got the french toast, which looked to die for.  Think John and I might come and split an order of this:


Been a nice day today.  I got a chance to spend a good amount of time cleaning up my garden bed.  It looks quite good for late spring!  We have had rain and it is nice and green.   Unfortunately, we have almost no free dirt to garden in.  The back of our house has a large workshop and garage on it, so I am limited to the front of the house and a wee bit on the side.

Here is the front.  When they did road work and laid new water and gas lines, they tore up all the front yards, almost right up to my garden, so the lawn looks pretty sorry now, but it is getting better:



Some close ups of my roses:

This is High Society climber that is pretty short right now:


This is Sunsprite – and I will talk more about this rose in a couple weeks, it has very special significance (teaser!)


This is a Knockout Shrub – you can see it is the biggest in the picture and blooms like a son of a gun all summer. Not too fragrant though.


Here was an earlier picture from May with my black and white tulips:tulips

It’s latte time!  We are going to a New Orleans inspired place for dinner called Bistro Talullah.  Yum!  Good thing I ran 6 miles today, right?

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9 thoughts on “Spring Garden and Breakfast

  1. Run Sarah

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog as it’s allowed me to find yours. Your story is amazing and inspirational, wow – love your idea about looping and coming back for water, great idea!!

  2. Kelly Happy Texan

    Your garden is so beautiful. I love roses but have a real gift for killing all plants. Though my mint is very happy! And oregano. 🙂

    Every time i read your blog I am in awe. I hope to be in your physical shape one day. It gives me hope.

  3. Roxie

    Color me green! I love your house and your tulips. I grew up in tulip country and love them.

    And that French toast looks mighty fine, too. Way to go on the run this morning. I’m in awe.

  4. Susan

    Look at you hammering out those 6 milers!! I like the loop idea too, especially picking up people along the way 🙂

    I think oatmeal made with real milk and maple syrup sounds divine. Something I love yet don’t usually treat myself to. And I am jealous of your garden, it’s beautiful! Roses and tulips are two of my favourites. I love that you mentioned their fragrance, roses smell sooooo good!!!

    Hope you had a great birthday!! 😀

  5. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    Ohhhh…. I love this! Love the blog, love the photos, love that you run your freaking butt off. But you had me at oatmeal and toast. Carb overload? Yeah….but you don’t do it every day so I’m glad you indulged on your b-day. Enjoy it.

    I think your front yard looks really good. I can see where’d you want to expand, too. Think of all the arm muscles you’ll develop using just a spade and not a tiller 😉

  6. Jinx!

    Hi Lori!

    I noticed you started following my blog. Thank you! I ‘ve been reading some on your blog and woman you are incredible! Congradulations on all your success. I also realized you may be the perfect person to ask a question about a problem i’m having.
    Actually a couple problems…..LOL! First, upper arms. It is probably the body part i am most unhappy with, along with stomach but we won’t go there. I feel like my upper arms are huge and not conforming with the rest of me. I really think its the layer of fat i have thats on top of the muscle i’ve built there. Any suggestions on whittling down those arms? I realize you really can’t spot reduce but thought you might know something from experience.
    Also I’m terribly stuck in the low 170’s. Cannot see a 160 something to save my soul. Have you ever had to break a plateau and if so how? I hesitate to ask this question cause i think i know the answer. I need to lower my calorie count. I just can’t seem to do that. UUuuugh! I eat between 1500-1600 cal a day, run 4 miles every other day and lift in between with one day off a week. I’m having a hard time giving more. I use nautils equipment are other weights better??
    Okay assuming you even want to answer my questions…LOL! Thanks alot. Jinx!

  7. Lori

    Hey Jinx – great job so far! I think you should try some free weights. Every 6-8 weeks, you need to shake up your workout routines, since your body adapts and you don’t get the same benefits from the workouts. You work out pretty hard, so doing more is not really the answer for you, it’s just doing it differently.

    I might also calorie cycle – have a couple days at 1800 calories or so and then do a little lower on other days.

    I have had some serious plateaus along the way, and you just sometimes have to maintain.

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