10K and fueling

No weights this week (although I have to say that I look forward to starting them again next week!).  It was a beautiful morning, so I ran at home.  I tried a different pre run fuel:


Whole grain fig newtons! I haven’t had these in a while, but a training book recommended them as an easy preworkout snack.  Yum!  They were good in that they didn’t fill my stomach up, and I got some quick energy from them.  I then proceeded to jog for 6 miles again!  I think I am getting the hang of the longer runs.   I need to try one on a day where I have a full breakfast and then run an hour later (whenever I find the time!).

Came back to eat a bowl of oats cooked with a banana and cocoa powder, topped with some peanut butter that I made with cocoa powder.  Chocolately delicious breakfast!p6080003

I used a really ripe banana.  The store sells overripe bananas at a discount and I got a bunch of 8 for 59 cents!  I keep them in the freezer and pull them out for cooking.

There was also an awesome sale at the grocery store where bulk pine nuts were 99 cents a pound – regularly $19.99 a pound.  What a steal!  So we got a big bag of them and I incorporated them into my wrap:

Chicken with feta cheese, spring mix and the pine nuts.  It was tasty.


Long day of work today.  Sometimes it is very sad doing transcription.  There are so many people out there who ignore their doctor’s advice and pay the consequences.  Then they have to take so many medications, sometimes 10 or more in a single day!   I can’t imagine how they keep those straight.

I was in a fruity mood for dinner.  I used this tropical fruit mixture with pinapple, mango, papaya, strawberry protein powder and water.


With baby carrots.  It was more like a lunch!

Question for you – do you purchase produce past it’s prime ever at a discount?

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7 thoughts on “10K and fueling

  1. Kristin

    Great deal on the pine nuts! So delicious.

    I’ve never bought produce past its prime, but I may look into it. I never thought of freezing overripe bananas, but I have 3 that are going in the freezer tomorrow! I haven’t had time to make anything with them yet, and I was afraid I was going to have to trash them. Thanks for saving my nanners!

  2. Susan

    I had a package of fig newtons in my hand yesterday at the grocery store, but I decided against them! I’ll have to pick them up next time, I’m always looking for quick snacks to pop for fuel before workouts 🙂

    Love all your eats today!! That is such a steal for pine nuts! I usually buy discounted mangoes cause I love them overripe anyways 🙂

  3. Miz.


    and had totally forgotten the ole FruitAndCake (remember that commercial? no? huh. I. Old.)

  4. Ron

    I don’t eat banana’s and apples, grapes, strawberries, blueberries etc, are not very good after their prime lol

  5. Kelly Happy Texan

    I’m super picky about my fruit but will get older bananas sometimes.

    I hear ya on the sadness of people taking so many medications. My MIL has 2 kitchen cabinets filled with pills. I think she actually enjoys being sick. She likes to talk about her illnesses and I just wish she would take better care of herself and get off the meds. But you can live someone’s life for them. Just a sad waste if you ask me.

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