Recovery day and too much food.

Did an active recovery day today.  It’s really hard for me to rest.  I somehow feel like I am going to gain 100 pounds back over night if I don’t go/go/go.  Know what I mean?

So, I did 500 yards of an easy swim, then sat in the therapy pool for 15 minutes.  That was a luxury.  I positioned myself so the jets hit my low back, and then my thighs.  Mmmmmm…….  Then I dragged myself out to walk around the track for 30 minutes.  I kept wanting to break into a jog (what is wrong with me??).

John met me for breakfast after this.  Ridge Street coffee for ….. wait for it….


Plus some of this:


It’s my Friday work-wise, and it was hard to go back home and get to work!  I do not take enough relaxing mornings.  So glad it is the end of the work week for me.  I kind of feel like Pixie did today:


I definitely got the snack attack today.  I don’t know what it is about my rest/recovery days – but those are the days I really *should* be limiting my calories, and yet those are the days I have the hardest times controlling my eating.  I cannot figure it out.    The one thing I am looking forward to about doing after the triathlon is getting back to the weight loss zone for the last 10 pounds.  That is an arena I am very comfortable with.   The training is still so weird to me, even though I have been doing it for a few months now.

So, in being honest – here was dinner.  John and I split a calzone with some feta cheese from a local place (they are fabulous, too).


Question:  How do you handle rest days?  Do you find a pattern of days that you are hungrier than others?

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7 thoughts on “Recovery day and too much food.

  1. Susan

    I am ALWAYS hungry on rest days. But my appetite is always a little delayed. If I burn 600 calories one day, I won’t feel the hunger from it until the next. Plus, recovery days are just that. You’re body is recovering and re-fueling after putting it through some tough stuff, so it needs the energy to do that 🙂 That’s what I tell myself anyways. I gave up trying to keep my calories down on rest days a long time ago. Hungry Susan = Cranky Susan, and no one wants that 😛

    That is such a cute picture of your cat!!! Hope you enjoy your “Saturday” tomorrow 😉

  2. PTG1002

    I find the same thing – on rest days (which are Fridays for me), I feel as if I’m going to regain about 30-bajillion pounds when I don’t work out. That is almost always followed by the desire for bad-for-me foods. So I definitely know the feeling!!

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  4. Kristin

    Ditto…I am never satisfied on rest days. I feel like I have to keep eating to keep going. I think Susan’s got it right in her reasoning.

  5. Jinx!

    I do not notice that i’am particuarly hungry on rest days though i’am not training for a triathalon! LOL! I work out 4 days in a row then a rest day. Two days running , two days weights then rest. I enjoy my rest days. It gives me extra time to do things around the house etc…Sometimes knowing a rest day is coming gets me thru a particuarly tough work out. It always seems like i have so many ‘balls’ I”m juggling it just allows me to concentrate on somethings else more for a day. Sometimes i wish i was more driven like you. But i find i’am not ‘in love’ with running. I like the power and strength running gives me, i enjoy the weight loss results it has helped me achieve but i cannot honestly say i ‘miss it’ when i take a day off i just relish the day off.If i was a little more driven thes last 20 pounds would not be such a bugger!
    I do think rest days are just as important as your work out days. Feeling comfortable with them is definately something i would try to achieve. For me a rest day is NOT an active recovery day it is most definately a day that does not include any planned work out no matter how light. Maybe some stretching. The housework and such that has piled up keeps me active enough. LOL! Jinx!

  6. sarah

    Great Kitty pic! I wish I had some words of wisdom here on the rest days. But yeah, I’m in awe of your training.

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