Tricked out bike and froyo!

I don’t know where the day went.  For not doing a lot I seemed to do a lot LOL!

I was going to go out for a 6 mile run today, but I got back to the house after 3 miles for a drink of water and John said “Are you going to be too tired to bike for yogurt tonight?”  So I decided to only do the 3 miles 😀

It was really humid this morning, too – I was sweating buckets and it was only 68 degrees.

Here’s a picture of my bike.  It’s older and a Schwinn.  I got the back bike rack and bag from John, which he just put on for me.  The front bag came from my folks.  Now I  am a pack mule!  I like these because I don’t have to wear a pack on my back and get all sweaty.  The bags come off, too – so I don’t have to have them on.


The bike picture was taken at the Only8 frozen yogurt place – which is a 13 mile round trip from home, where I got mine flavored as apple strudel.yogurt

Tomorrow shopping at a big art/craft show – I’m looking forward to it!

Going to take it easy tomorrow as John and I are running a 5K Sunday morning, rain or shine!

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8 thoughts on “Tricked out bike and froyo!

  1. Susan

    I need to get a pack for my bike! I should really be carrying a cellphone with me on my long bike rides by myself…

    Biking for yogurt is a great idea 🙂 Have a great weekend and good luck at the 5k!!!

  2. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    I want that bike pack really bad. I can’t carry a pack on my back for long because of my stupid rotator cuffs and not much fits into my little around-the-seat pack…lol! Just my Kleene and cell phone. (Well, and a Hershey Kiss or two)

    Love you pimped out bike. I would love to hit the trails with you some day. I promise I’d try to keep up, but I’d park it somewhere and wait while you circled around and came back 🙂

  3. debby

    Lori, can’t decide if I love the bike bags or the froyo better! Okay, so I do like the yogurt better…but those are some neat bike bags!

  4. Lori Post author

    I’m up for biking with anybody! I love biking!
    I love my new bags, too! The great thing about the back rack is that it also will fit those saddle bags (not mine LOL) that drape over it so I could hold books and stuff for the library.

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